Candy Cane Cookies Recipe

Do you take on too many things during the holidays?  I am so guilty of doing this!  I just love this season so much and I always want to do more than I have time for. If I see some great new recipes, I want to make them.  If I see a fun new craft, […]

Twine Candy Canes

What does two episodes of Downton Abby have to do with twine candy canes? It is the amount of time it will take you to make this centerpiece! I don’t watch much TV except when I am cooking or crafting. And even then, it is not a lot. If you are like me, I just […]

Hot Chocolate Dippers

I love chocolate in almost any form! So using a “Hot Chocolate Dipper” that will add more chocolate to my hot cocoa sounds great to me! Another reason I like these “dippers” is they are gluten free. Thanks to you Brandy from The Moody Fashionista for her tutorial on how to make these. The holidays can […]