Cheddar Spritz Crackers

Cheesy. Using the word cheesy to describe something can make it sound way better or way worse. Potatoes. Cheesy potatoes. Better. Movie. Cheesy Movie. Worse. Cookies. Cheesy cookies. Wait, whuh? Usually spritz cookies are made with a cookie press using a buttery cookie dough. They are bakery beautiful, and buttery yum! I love using my […]

Party Cheese Ribbon Slices

About 7% of all Boy Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle and my son is one of them! He was right up to the last minute, but it got done. Speaking of last minute, we barely managed to get his Court of Honor done before he left home on a mission for our church. Did […]

Broccoli Ham Cheddar Panini

Growing up, I thought I didn’t like ham. Turns out I love it! It is my dad who didn’t like ham all that much, so we didn’t have it often growing up. I look forward to Easter Ham dinner. We had friends and family with us for dinner this year, and it was so much […]