Pizza Cupcakes

Pizza Cupcakes are so easy to make and are great for an after-school snack, appetizer or light meal along with a side salad. Hey guys, it’s Mandy from Mandy’s Recipe Box! I’m here today with the easiest recipe that everyone will love. My family ate these Pizza Cupcakes up like crazy. Next time I will […]

Tater Tot Casserole Recipe

Do you love tater tots?  Yeah, I know.  I know they are considered kind of a “cheap” food. But I love them. I love their crispy outsides and their soft potato center. So what could be better than tater tots? Tater tots with cheese. And bacon. Everything is better with bacon. So I made this […]

RoTel and Velveeta Queso Dip

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of RO*TEL & VELVEETA . All opinions are 100% mine. Before and After pictures. What goes through my mind when I hear those words are beauty makeovers, weight loss photos and home makeovers. You know the kind. Where they show the first picture and then […]

Bacon Cheddar Ranch Pull-a-part Bread

This five ingredient pull-a-part is a delicious appetizer or party snack.  It is quick to make and your guests will love it. Hello everyone.  My name is Amber and I blog over at rick•a•bam•boo where I share crafts, recipes, and kids activities.  I am so excited to be a new contributor here at Made From […]

Best Recipes & DIY Projects Link Party #76

Pin your best recipes and DIY projects, or browse through the latest trends on the Web, at our Best Recipes &  DIY Projects Link Party! * We’re sharing our favorite links from last week’s party at the beginning of today’s party.  Check them out and then keep scrolling down for the link party.  We hope you’ve had a […]

Cheesy Bacon Ranch Tater Tots

Sometimes I wish that I didn’t succumb to the feelings of being so…human.  I guess that’s the best word for it. I wish that I could live on a higher plane and always think the best about everyone.  However, oftentimes my mind is critical and I unconsciously think about unpleasant things before my conscious desire […]

Easy Mini Meatloaves

Hey there! It’s Mandy from Mandy’s Recipe Box and I’m back with such an easy meal. It says it right in the name: Easy Mini Meatloaves. These are so simple to make and my kids loved eating them like cupcakes with their hands.     The bottoms are biscuits from a can and then topped with […]

Williams-Sonoma Cheesy Potato Gratin Recipe

When I was first married, my new husband and I lived near my parents.  Like most newlyweds, we were both working, we were tight on money and didn’t own our own washer or dryer.  So every Sunday night, we would go over to my parents to do our laundry.  My mother would make a big […]

Party Cheese Ribbon Slices

About 7% of all Boy Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle and my son is one of them! He was right up to the last minute, but it got done. Speaking of last minute, we barely managed to get his Court of Honor done before he left home on a mission for our church. Did […]

CopyCat Cracker Barrel Cheese and Hash Brown Casserole

Sometimes ya just need something easy, dontchya? There are times when I see a meal that looks great and then I obviously read the recipe.  But if it has too many ingredients that I don’t have,  I bag it. Oh there are many times when I want to put a lot of effort into what […]