Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today is all about EASY!  Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies. There are times when I want a fancy dessert and I have the time to create something special. But then there are days when I just want EASY! I don’t want a recipe that has “special” or “secret” ingredients to where I have to leave the […]

Chocolate Chip Spider Cookies

Everyone has an opinion about what makes a perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. I am no exception. A few years ago, we three sisters were on vacation with our mom. We were playing a game called favorites, where one person would pick a category, like…cars, and then the we would try and guess each others […]

Tracy’s Righteous Chocolate Chip Cookies

Funny thing about sister’s, actually several funny things about sisters. One, we think a like. When we first started our blog, we would call each other up with a list of pins that we were planning on trying out. Of course, half of my “pins” were on either Debbie or Sherri’s list. How were we […]

Wicked Good Chocolate Chip Cookies

How many chocolate chip cookie recipes do you have?  Seriously.  Come on, fess up.  I will admit that I have the Original Toll House, Mrs. Fields, Blue Chip Cookie, Neiman Marcus, a recipe where you pulverize oatmeal into a flour and probably up to five unknown, unnamed chocolate chip recipes in my cookie arsenal. Well […]