How to clean your brush in minutes!

I don’t know if you are like me or not, but there are chores, cleaning projects and things that I need to organize and I think, “I am going to do that today.” But then I don’t. And then the next day I think, “I am definitely going to do that TODAY!” But then I […]

Magic No Ammonia Way to Clean Your BBQ Grill

Household Ammonia…….some people have been using it for household cleaning for years and wouldn’t use anything else. It works wonders when used to clean stove burners, ovens and BBQ grills. What makes cleaning with household ammonia so wonderful? It does all the dirty work for you! (pun intended).  I love using ammonia to clean because […]

DIY – Clean your own make up brushes

Are there things that you do that might be a little embarrassing? {me raising my hand high in the air}  I have found that in creating posts for this blog that I am forced to confess some dirty little secrets.  Like my attempt to find a great and easy way to clean my toilets to […]