5 Solutions for Stinky Workout Clothes

If you workout or exercise in any way, you know how difficult it can be to properly wash and clean your workout clothes, especially to get rid of the stink that seems to linger no matter what you do. I have found the secret 5 Solutions for Stinky Workout Clothes you are looking for! Hey […]

Remove Hard Water Deposits

Today, I am going to introduce you to a great, new product. Vinegar. Oh, but not just regular vinegar. Have you ever heard of Cleaning Vinegar?  Neither had I until I pinned this pin from Cupcakes and Crinoline. Cleaning Vinegar  has 6% acidity instead of  the 5% acidity found in regular vinegar.  And guess what?  […]

How to clean your brush in minutes!

I don’t know if you are like me or not, but there are chores, cleaning projects and things that I need to organize and I think, “I am going to do that today.” But then I don’t. And then the next day I think, “I am definitely going to do that TODAY!” But then I […]

Share it Sunday from Link Party #27

Need something great ideas to help you beat the winter blues? I am freezing! We have gotten a snap of cold weather. In fact, other than part of one day, there has been no school here this week. If it gets any colder, I might snap! Instead, I am tucked under the covers, drinking hot […]

Top Ten of 2013

Often when I ask my kids why they put a certain thing on their Christmas wish list they wouldn’t really know why they wanted it, other than it was what everybody wants. If that many cool kids want the same thing, it has to be good! This has been an exciting year for us here […]

Clean your car headlights

Who says Pinterest is just for we ladies? My husband absolutely loves when it is my week to post here at madefrompinterest because he knows he will be in for some great stuff! Whether it is a new dinner recipe or some new fangled dessert, he is happy to be experimented upon! In his own […]

Clean Your Iron the Magic Way

Have you ever been working on a project under deadline and made a huge mistake because you were hurrying? Haven’t we all!?! I was doing some sewing recently and let my iron get too hot. On top of that, I accidentally had my fusible interfacing sticky side up. Not only did I melt the interfacing […]

The Magic Way to Clean Your Windows

How long do you think it should take to clean two full sliding glass doors and 8 large windows? I’m talking about start to finish, sparkling, no streaks  no spots, clean? I’ve tried using newspapers (make sure you wear rubber gloves or you will get ink all over your hands and it still leaves streaks). […]

Super, Simple Shower and Tub Cleaner

Are you more of a homemaker or a housekeeper? I tend to be more of a homemaker; housekeeping is not my strong point. So I love anything that makes cleaning up quick and easy. I also like to break up cleaning jobs and do them a little each day, rather than one big, go through […]

Organize with a Tension Rod

No matter how hard I try it seems like the cabinet under the kitchen sink always ends up messy. I would love to place the blame on my teenage children living at home. But that would not be entirely fair or honest. This year I decided to set some very realistic and obtainable goals regarding […]