Coconut Peanut Chicken Satay Stir-Fry

Want to know how to get picky eaters to chow down healthy vegetables? You could try psychology. I hear it takes 25 introductions to new foods before kids will take to it. You could try making a game of it. We used to call broccoli “trees” and cauliflower “clouds”. My daughter loved french fries when […]

Chocolate Coconut Milk Mousse

Oh how I love chocolate! One of my fondest memories surrounding chocolate is about my maternal grandmother. When we were younger we would get to go spend the night at her house. No other siblings, just me and my grandmother. Of course I loved every minute of our precious time together. She had one very […]

Coconut Milk Shampoo

  I chose this pin because I have spent my adult life in search of hair products than can manage my fine but very curly hair. Let’s just state here and now that I have spent a small fortune over the years! I have tried over the counter products, and as a licensed cosmetologist I […]