Baked Peaches and Cream

The last hurrah. That is what we call our Labor Day weekend. In our area, schools begin the day after Labor Day. Every year, we go away for the weekend and sort of tip our hats to the last of summer. It’s bittersweet. And a little bit hectic as we try to get everything done […]

Cookies and Cream Pudding Cookies

We always look forward to this week when we have Julie and Maddie from Tastes of Lizzy T guest posting for us. Wait till you see what they have in store for us today! So I know I am quite behind the times when it comes to pudding cookies. Before we started blogging last year, […]

Frozen Whip Cream

Who doesn’t love whip cream? My darling 15-year-old daughter Madison. She doesn’t like cake either, sometimes I question if we are really related. The fact the she loves chocolate is just one of her many saving graces. But back to the whip cream, frozen whip cream is an interesting concept. Seems like a lot of […]