Hot Italian Stromboli

This Hot Italian Stromboli is so beloved in our family because it is easy to make and tastes just as good next day hot or cold. My son used to love Hot Italian Stromboli for his school lunches. The key to this Stromboli is the order you lay the meats. We always do ham, turkey, cheese, […]

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup with hidden ingredients to give your family extra servings of veggies. Hello again! It’s Celeste from The Whole Serving, I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays with friends and family. The weather is finally getting colder here in Texas and that’s perfect for soups like the one I’m sharing today. I […]

Sausage and Spinach Italian Soup

It is that season when we need warm and comforting recipe for dinner! I present this yummy Sausage and Spinach Italian Soup to fill that need! Loaded with Italian sausage, cannellini beans, spinach and potatoes. Carole here from My Kitchen Escapades and this recipe was the yummy result of the cold weather hitting Minnesota last […]

Amish Chicken Casserole

Amish Chicken Casserole is everything you would expect it to be by its name. Simple, easy and delicious! Hello friends! Mandy here from Mandy’s Recipe Box. I was browsing Pinterest, trying to find something to make for this post when I came across this casserole. It is called Creamy Parmesan Chicken Casserole, but she also […]

Photo Transfer Ornament Name Cards for the Holidays

Paula here from Frog Prince Paperie again, bringing some entertaining inspiration for your holiday meals! When I set up a formal (or informal) table for my guests, I always like to do something small for them to make them feel special. If that something is easy to make and super personalized like these photo transfer […]

One Pan Meatball Skillet

Hi Guys! It’s Kelley back from Chef Savvy! Today I am going to be sharing with you a super easy dinner. A One Pan Meatball Skillet! This is a super easy weeknight dinner that can be made in under 30 minutes!   This dish is super easy and takes less than 30 minutes to throw together! Best of all […]

Bacon Chicken

Hold on to your hats because today I’m going to share this yummy Bacon Chicken recipe with you. And yes, I did say bacon! My kids LOVE to recite the comedy segment that Jim Gaffigan does about bacon.  If you haven’t seen it, you must not like bacon very much.  All the REAL bacon lovers […]

Sirloin Steak with Balsamic Vinegar Sauce

This reduced balsamic vinegar sauce recipe pairs wonderfully with sirloin steak for an amazing flavor! I must confess that I enjoy being home alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mr. Chef and the Chefettes, but sometimes I like that “me” time where I can decompress. I’ll even volunteer to do the dishes because everyone […]

Tater Tot Casserole Recipe

Do you love tater tots?  Yeah, I know.  I know they are considered kind of a “cheap” food. But I love them. I love their crispy outsides and their soft potato center. So what could be better than tater tots? Tater tots with cheese. And bacon. Everything is better with bacon. So I made this […]

Beef Roast Recipe

Easy to make yet impressive to serve for dinner. This beef roast recipe is easily adaptable to cook to your own taste. Enjoy!   Hello to all of you Made from Pinterest peeps out there! Happy to be here to share another recipe with everyone. I’m going to admit I was never a sirloin fan. So […]