Easy to Make Breakfast Sandwiches

Hey everyone!  Mandee from The Kitchen Wife here and I am so excited to be sharing with you something that I have been doing to save money in 2016.  Along with all of you, my goals consist of eating better and saving money.  However, I think the reason so many of us do not succeed […]

Egg Muffins

Egg Muffins are little personal omelettes in muffin form. The best thing is that you can make these any way you like. Just add your favorite vegetables, cheese and/or meats.   Hello there! Mandy from Mandy’s Recipe Box back with a yummy breakfast recipe. I don’t know about you but I love omelettes. I love […]

Share It Thursday #54

Thanks for participating in Super Saturday #54!  Ruthie from What’s Cooking With Ruthie, Jeni from Bakerette, Carole from My Kitchen Escapades, and Deb, Tracy, and Sheri from Made From Pinterest all enjoyed seeing the recipes and projects that you shared, and we think you’ll love what we’ve chosen to feature from the party. Yummy breakfast recipes caught our eyes this […]

Share It Thursday #38

Oh, what fun we have each week viewing the recipes, crafts, and great ideas that you share with us during our Super Saturday link party!  Each link represents someone’s hard work and talent, and we feel so privileged to see the party grow each week.  Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us! […]

2 Ingredient Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? Just about everyone has some version of pancakes they like. Potato pancakes, dutch babies, crepes, corn pancakes, you name it! I like ’em all. But when I this pin about these 2 ingredient pancakes, I thought, that’s going to flop. No way it will taste good. And at first bite, I didn’t […]

Bell Pepper Sautéed Eggs

I am clearly not as charming as I once was. Let me explain. Last summer we went to Park City, Utah for a day as a family. You probably think Park City is only a winter destination, I did, but somebody smart came up with the idea of having a roller coaster, a zip line […]

Ghost Bombs

When I first became a mom, I imagined myself being the cool neighborhood mom. The house with the coolest stuff, the best homemade food, throwing the best birthday parties, doing the most fun crafts. Reality set in pretty quick. But we three moms here at MadeFromPinterest are still pretty dedicated to making cool memories with […]

No Cracks, Easy Peel, Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

How many hard boiled eggs will you be boiling for Easter? I know I will be hard boiling my share of eggs to decorate this year for Easter. I like at least a dozen per person for dyeing. Decorating eggs is another fun family tradition. Besides, I love hard boiled eggs. They are such a […]

Oven baked eggs?

I’ve been married awhile. A long while.  32 years as a matter of fact.  And there are certain things that I have around the house that I don’t realize are equally as old.  UNTIL I SEE SOMEONE ELSE’S STUFF! Take cupcake pans for instance.  I didn’t really realize how old my cupcake pans were until […]