Printable Cootie Catcher Valentines

Hello, Made from Pinterest readers! It’s Amy from Atta Girl Says back with another fun, free printable craft. A few years ago, I made some cootie catcher Valentines for my husband and son using scrapbook paper, and they were a big hit. This year, I decided to make some printable versions that anyone could use for their Valentine. […]

Free Christmas Ornament Coloring Page

  Hi to all of The Made From Pinterest Fans! This is Melanie from Artzy Creations and I’m excited once again to share this coloring page with you. Lately, I’ve really gotten into creating coloring pages. I’ve been an art teacher now for over eighteen years and have always loved drawing. Both of my daughters […]

Homemade Strawberry Jam & Canning Printables

We are so happy to introduce Amy from Atta Girl Says with her amazing Homemade Strawberry Jam & Canning Printables!  We are so lucky to have her join our team of contributors! Hey y’all. I’m Amy from Atta Girl Says, and I’m tickled to join the Made from Pinterest contributor team. From my greeting, you may […]

Guest Room Wi-Fi

Hey all!  It’s Jessica again, from Fantabulosity!  I couldn’t wait this month, to share with you the Guest Room Wi-Fi decor that I created! It never fails.  Anytime we have someone staying with us, the poor things have to go out of their way and ask us, “What is the Wi-Fi,” password here?” Not that […]

Free Mothers Day Printable and a Spring Giveaway!

Hey there friends!  Today we’ve got you covered for Mother’s Day but make sure to scroll all the way down for a chance to win $300!! Honor those women in your life who have been your inspiration and who have helped you become who you are.  Just download and print this free printable,  put it […]

Free St. Patrick’s Day Printable

I don’t do it very often, but I really enjoy water coloring. I love the relaxation it gives me and the effects I can get with just color and water. So when I saw this Slow Down, Enjoy Life printable I was inspired. I loved the way the font paired with the flowers. And although […]

Popcorn Valentines

Hi! I’m Melanie from Forty Eighteen, and I am so excited to share this fun Valentine with all of you awesome Made From Pinterest readers today! I love Valentine’s Day. It’s no secret I love any excuse to celebrate, and what could be better than a day dedicated to sharing love with the people most […]

Thank You Notes Kids Can Make – FREE Printable

Pretty soon, we’ll be cleaning up mounds of paper from around the Christmas tree, while the kids enjoy all the things that Santa and loved ones have given them.  It’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year!  It’s so fun watching children get excited about the gifts they receive.  The days after Christmas are […]

December Free Printable

‘Tis the Season….for giving and receiving!  And we’ve made a FREE printable for you that is just perfect for teaching kids to show appreciation for all of the gifts that they’ve received. Scroll down to download the PDF file below and print it out on your computer or send it off to your local copy store […]

Pine Cones and Holly Berries – FREE Printable!

Oh, it’s so exciting to be able to think about Christmas!  I know many of you are going to wait until you’ve finished off the last of your Thanksgiving turkey before you start to decorate, but every year I hear about more people who get their Christmas decorations up as they are putting the turkey […]