Roasted Garlic Bread

One of the things I love about this bread is that it is real butter, real garlic. That means real flavor! You are going to love this! Butter, garlic and a saucepan definitely rate at the top of my list for most creative gifts I have ever seen given at a bridal shower. The bride was […]

Spanish Garlic Bread

Hi, It’s Jen from Bakerette again and I’m excited to be back at Made From Pinterest to share with you one of my favorite garlic bread recipes: Spanish garlic bread! Holy cow, is it ever delicious and full of flavor. When I originally made this bread, I made it while everyone was away from home […]

Creamy Garlic Pasta

Did you know that garlic is not just for eating? It can also help cure a cold, treat acne, treat cold sores, repel mosquitos and other insects, repair glass, de-ice surfaces, be used in a DIY surface cleaner and be used as glue. Wait there’s more,  some believe it aids in weight loss (hasn’t worked […]

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Squash

After a holiday of delicious, satisfying food, I crave something healthy to eat to relieve my guilt from having overindulged. But I would prefer to trick my senses into believing that I am still indulging. It would be too much of a shock to my poor taste buds to make an overnight, dramatic change. Unkind, […]