Valentine Heart Wreath with Paper Flowers

Valentines Day is one of those holidays where I like to put up a festive piece or two, but not go overboard with anything huge. Which is why I love this Valentine Heart Wreath with Paper Flowers so much. It’s simple, but beautiful and has a whimsical romantic quality to it. Plus, it’s super easy […]

Clothespin Heart Wreath

We are so pleased to share this great project from Linda at It All Started With Paint. She has the perfect craft for us on this special holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day!  Dear Made From Pinterest Readers,   Please accept my sincerest apology. You see, my plan was to share with you an easy DIY. Easy. […]

Heart Shaped Chocolate Strawberries

If I were Maria von Trapp and singing about my favorite things, chocolate strawberries would be near the top of the list. Only I would wish for more chocolate on my strawberries. Once when my daughter was little and we were getting ready to leave church, she came out of her sunday school class with […]

Felt Heart Garland

Valentine’s Cards used to be homemade. I know this because my Granny Ola told me how she used to spend hours preparing her cards for her special friends. Does calling her Granny Ola call up images of a tree hugging, granola loving, moccasin wearing, free spirited woman? Good, then you have the right image in […]