Halloween Hot Chocolate

Every once in a great while, I get to travel with my hubby on his business trips.  He loves it when I can come because traveling as much as he does gets awfully lonely. Recently I went with him to New Orleans and although it was fun to see the different architecture of the buildings, […]

Frozen Whip Cream

Who doesn’t love whip cream? My darling 15-year-old daughter Madison. She doesn’t like cake either, sometimes I question if we are really related. The fact the she loves chocolate is just one of her many saving graces. But back to the whip cream, frozen whip cream is an interesting concept. Seems like a lot of […]

Hot Chocolate Dippers

I love chocolate in almost any form! So using a “Hot Chocolate Dipper” that will add more chocolate to my hot cocoa sounds great to me! Another reason I like these “dippers” is they are gluten free. Thanks to you Brandy from The Moody Fashionista for her tutorial on how to make these. The holidays can […]