Rhubarb Apple Pie

My eyes are popping out wide. Look…at…this…Delicious specimen of a pie! Hi! This is Jeni from Bakerette here to share with you one of the best pies on this planet! This Rhubarb Apple Pie with Walnut Crumb Topping reminds me so much of my grandma Potter who passed away in 1988. When spring came, she […]

Gingerbread Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Confession time… I’m a pig. Not a roll-in-the-mud kind of pig, but a I-can’t-get-enough-food kind of pig. I live to eat and there’s no reason I should have to live without cake. A therapist once told me the way to achieve inner contentment is to finish what I start. So far, I have finished off […]

Quick Chicken Meals

Hello Made From Pinterest readers! This is Carole from My Kitchen Escapades and I am pumped to share with you one of my biggest time saving tips using these five Quick Chicken Meals! Two weeks ago, I mentioned in a post that every week at the grocery store, I buy a 5 pound package of […]

Marbled Valentines Ring Dishes

Hi Everyone! This is Melanie Artz again from Artzy Creations and do I have another great DIY/craft project for all of the Made From Pinterest Fans. I love everything about hearts. I know they can be a bit over done for Valentine’s Day, but I just think they’re sweet. So, this month I wanted to […]