Tropical Fruit Crumble with Coconut Cream

This Tropical Fruit Crumble with Coconut Cream is a delightful combination of crunchy and not too sweet tropical goodness!  Topped with whipped coconut cream, it’s a delicious spin on a traditional fruit crumble. I had a bag of frozen tropical fruit from Costco, you know those huge bags that never seem to disappear in the […]

Best Recipes & DIY Projects Link Party #100

Pin your best recipes and DIY projects, or browse through the latest trends on the Web, at our Best Recipes &  DIY Projects Link Party! * We’re sharing our favorite links from last week’s party at the beginning of today’s party.  Check them out and then keep scrolling down for the link party.  Happy Weekend! Thanks for participating […]

Mango Pasta Salad

We have a darling family that lives across the street from us.  The father graduated in music and by trade is a piano tuner amongst other things.  They have five children who are very musically talented and they can play multiple instruments.  There are four boys and their last is a little girl who does […]

Tropical Paradise Cookies

If you could create your own tropical paradise what would it include? My list is short and sweet: my family, white sandy beaches with cabanas, a chef, a maid and a masseuse. My idea of the perfect tropical experience would be all play and little or no work! What would I exclude on my tropical […]

Mango Sorbet Recipe

My love affair with mango began with fruit smoothies. From there we expanded our relationship to mango salsa. I serve mine with with a grilled pork loin seasoned with a Jamaican rub and black beans and rice. Mangoes are often compared to peaches. I like peaches. But mangoes are just…better. But I had not fallen […]

Strawberry Mango Salsa

Strawberry Mango Salsa! Thank you AnnaLisa McConkie for this great recipe!       I’ve never thought of salsa as beautiful, until I saw this picture! I love how the colors worked together. I cannot tell a lie, I have never made my own tortilla chips before. So I was not careful about how long […]