Top Ten of 2013

Often when I ask my kids why they put a certain thing on their Christmas wish list they wouldn’t really know why they wanted it, other than it was what everybody wants. If that many cool kids want the same thing, it has to be good! This has been an exciting year for us here […]

Oven Cleaning The Magic Way

WARNING, WHAT YOU WILL SEE BELOW MAY SCAR YOU FOR LIFE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! OK you have been warned, and now I have to come clean about my ovens. First, let’s start with what type of cook I am. I HATE, HATE, HATE cooking in a dirty kitchen. If my kitchen is dirty, […]

Oven baked eggs?

I’ve been married awhile. A long while.  32 years as a matter of fact.  And there are certain things that I have around the house that I don’t realize are equally as old.  UNTIL I SEE SOMEONE ELSE’S STUFF! Take cupcake pans for instance.  I didn’t really realize how old my cupcake pans were until […]