Sugar Crusted Lemon Cookies

Growing we had a lemon bush in the back yard. You might have thought I made a mistake when I said bush, but it most definitely was not a tree. And it produced big lemons. Grapefruit sized lemons! They were huge and the bush produced tons of fruit, even though we did absolutely nothing to […]

Soft Lofthouse Style Sugar Cookies

I have a cookie for you today that is, dare I say it, better than the original! And these Soft Lofthouse Style Sugar cookies are EASY!We are getting ready to move, so I have been packing, packing, and packing boxes. As we sorted through all our old paperwork to prepare for the move, I realized […]

Twisted Halloween Sugar Cookies

They will scream, they will howl, they will haunt you for more of Twisted Halloween Sugar Cookies. And with looks like these, they will be the first to get devoured! Making these cookies is like playing with edible play dough. Edible play dough that tastes good. Edible play dough that tastes so good, you might […]

Melting Snowman Cookies

In our neighborhood, we make short lived snowmen. When we do get enough snow to make a snowman, it doesn’t last long. Most of our snowmen have been a little dingy looking because we are scraping enough snow together to make them. So the idea for Melting Snowman Cookies  I found at My Litter really struck a […]