Tailgating Food Ideas Week 8

Tailgating Food Ideas Week 8 {of 8}

Chicken Cordon Bleu BLT Cups

Don’t pull out another tired frozen dinner. You can make these in the time it takes to get a pizza delivered! And you can make your own frozen dinner with these crescent roll cups filled with swiss cheese, chicken and bacon filling and topped with lettuce and tomato. These Chicken Cordon Bleu BLT Cups are […]

Tailgating Food Ideas Week 7

Are you ready for our Tailgating Food Ideas Week 7?  This collection of appetizers, dishes and desserts will make planning the menu for your next football party easy and most importantly, delicious! Each week we have been filling your head with tons of ideas for appetizers, main dishes, and desserts that are perfect to serve […]

Bacon Cheeseburger Dip

Get ready for some serious dipping! Bacon Cheeseburger Dip is just what your Game Day needs. Bacon, beef and cheese make for a great appetizer for your slow cooker. Hello, there! Mandy here from Mandy’s Recipe Box. Who loves watching sports on t.v? And who is just there for the food (Mandy raises her hand)? […]

Tailgating Food Ideas Week 5

Can you believe we are on WEEK 5 of the Ultimate Tailgating Recipe Series? Weekends mean football and we watch our fair share of  football games. Football also means game day food and we’ve partnered with some of our favorite bloggers to bring you the good stuff. We still have THREE more weeks to go! […]

Tailgating Food Ideas Week 4

The Ultimate Tailgating Recipe Series Week 4 –  When a group of talented bloggers come together to help you answer the question…what do I make for game day? We are in the middle of this fabulous round up and by now you have already been able to create quite a list of yummy recipes to […]

Tailgating Food Ideas Week 3

Make your party score with these 9 sweet and savory tailgating recipes: Delicious appetizer recipes, breads, and, of course, dessert! The weeks are blowing by and we’re on week 3 of 8 for our tailgating food ideas series! You’ll find all kinds of delicious party food recipes by 9 amazing bloggers… Or so she says…‘ […]

Tailgating Food Ideas Week 2

Welcome to Week Two of some of the most savory and sweet Tailgating Food ideas ever from some pretty amazing bloggers! I know what you are asking yourself. What?  I missed Week One? Never fear.  If you indeed missed round one of our suggested cuisine for your football viewing pleasure last week, just click HERE […]

Tailgating Food Ideas Week 1

Yell with me…Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???  Yep, football season is upon us and everything that goes along with it.  (Read football parties and food!) Some friends and I thought it would be SO FUN to host a weekly tailgating series. We all know appetizers and desserts are the best kind of recipes out […]

Super Bowl Food Recipes

The day of food is coming…. I’m not talking about Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner or New Year’s Day. I’m talkin’ Super Bowl people. I love Super Bowl Day!  I normally don’t pay too much attention to who is playing and I usually root for the team who’s uniforms I like the best, but…the food!  Gah! […]