Wood Slice Turkey

  Hi Everyone! This is Melanie from Artzy Creations here to share with you, a fun Thanksgiving craft for kids. At our house, it’s typically a long day for the kids and they get a little restless waiting for the big Thanksgiving dinner. Not this year… I’ve come up with a clever way to create […]

Rice Krispie Turkey Drumsticks

Surprise your kids this holiday season with a fun dessert that looks like dinner! Instead of a piece of pie, put out a plate of Rice Krispie Turkey Drumsticks and watch them disappear! I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is a little over a month away! Just thinking about a turkey dinner with all the trimmings […]

Candy Stuffed Turkey Legs

We are delighted to have Sarah from Little Red Brick House with us today sharing these fun candy stuffed turkey legs! Hello, Made From Pinterest readers! My name is Sarah and I blog over at Little Red Brick House about DIY, home decor and all kinds of fun crafty stuff. I am absolutely ecstatic to […]

Boars Head Boldest Bracket

Do you know what it means to be Hangry? Hangry: when you have been hungry for so long you are now angry about your hunger and easily frustrated by everything around you. Hangry is a real word that can be found in the dictionary, although my daughter thinks she created the word. This term hangry […]

Thanksgiving Wreath Tutorial

I have a confession. I LOVE Halloween! I love the decorations, the colors and the costumes etc. I go all out and every year put on a Halloween dinner for my family complete with the grossest food that I can find.  This year I strayed a little from the gross food and we had a […]

Turkey and Wild Rice Casserole

 Do you have some standout memories of Thanksgiving? Aren’t some years more memorable than others? For us, one of the most memorable was the year of the crazy turkey legs. My brother-in-law is a bonafide redneck hunter. He provided two wild turkeys for our holiday meal. Luckily he had them all prepared and ready to […]

Oreo Turkey Cupcakes

Once we woke up to our car being covered with Oreos. My husband had made the mistake of telling some of the youth at our church about his glory days, which included taking the cookie side off of an Oreo and and sticking the frosting side to a car as a practical joke. Major waste […]