Valentine Suckers that you can make in MINUTES!

Valentine Suckers

I almost got married on Valentine’s Day. But then we thought that would be too cheesy.  What do you think? Instead my hubby and I were married on February 7th.   So yup, my anniversary of 34 years is coming up real quick. Having my anniversary a week before Valentine’s Day has turned out pretty well […]

A collection of Valentine's Day ideas that really rock!

11 Valentine’s Day Ideas We Love!

From dinner to dessert, gifts and decorations this collection of Valentine’s Day ideas has got you covered! We three sisters are all about family, food and fun. Our experience is that it is often the little things that have the biggest impact and create the most lasting memories. I am the baby of the family, […]

These make darling, quick gifts!

Valentine Candy Dish

My childhood was very far from any kind of “country” environment.  I grew up in the city which was near a beach and most of my days were spent planning on when my friends and I would get to go lay out in the sun.  Growing up we never had a garden, never raised chickens […]