Meet the van Overbeek’s

Here’s the skinny on me…...I’m not….skinny. But I am the mother of 5 (yes 5) wonderful children.

Daughter #1 (22) just married in Dec. to my wonderful son-in-law . Daughter #1 also graduated from BYU with a degree in Communication Disorders. Our son-in-law has one year left of his undergraduate degree. He will then go on to medical school. (Hopefully somewhere close to us!)

Couldn’t resist showing you one of the “Pinterest” wedding shots!

Son #2 (20) serving a full-time mission for our church in the Belgium/Brussels Mission.

He gets home sometime April ’13. When he gets home I will hug him till he can’t breath and then cry like a baby!

This picture is just before he entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. One last hug with the siblings.

Daughter #2 (17) senior in High School with a horrible case of “Senioritis“. She is the peacemaker in our family, she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

She is a competitive soccer player who wears very little make-up, she is a true jeans and tee shirt sporty kind of girl.

Daughter #3 (15) sophomore in High School, if she drives the car the way she rides a dirt bike we are in big trouble.

She is also a competitive soccer player, jeans and tee shirt sporty girl.

Last but not least is Son #2 (9) going on about 35. He broke the mold of the first 4 children put together. Let’s just say he keeps me on my toes!

Life in our home is NEVER dull. At first my kids hated Pinterest, they said “you are on the computer too much”! But once I started making meals from recipes found on Pinterest they changed their tune!

Daughter #3 my 15 year old finally succumbed and has her own Pinterest account.  She does not follow me because “I pin too much and she finds it annoying”. That just makes me laugh.

You will notice that I convert many recipes I make to gluten free. Two of us were recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. But don’t worry, if I can get a recipe to taste good GF then the original recipe will be even better. When something turns out so good you can’t tell it’s GF, then the original recipe is of this world!

The perfect example of this is Double Chocolate Pumpkin Cake. We have a very picky eater in our family. My husband! His response to Double Chocolate Pumpkin Cake…...WOW you would never know this is GF. Make a batch for yourself and see what you think.