The Titans Are Coming

After Monday night’s beat down of the Patriots, the Saints seem to be the best team in the NFC. The AFC favorite to play them in the Super Bowl are the undefeated Coltsl. There is a lot of football to play, but these two undefeated teams are the definite favorites, slowly separating themselves from the pack.

But wait a moment now! The story of the year might be developing over in Tennessee, where the once 0-6 Titans, now 5-6, have been rejuvenated by an unlikely savior, Vince Young, and the emergence of one of the most exciting running backs seen in many a year, Chris Johnson. Young, Johnson and their once again dominating defense gives Titan fans reason to believe that their favorite team is capable of getting back in the play-off picture, and accomplish the biggest comeback in league history.

Their next game will tell us a lot, as they play the Colts in Indy as 7 point underdogs next Sunday. Keep an eye on this one. If they can end the Colt’s undefeated season the sky’s the limit.