Valentine Suckers

I almost got married on Valentine’s Day.

But then we thought that would be too cheesy.  What do you think?

Valentine Suckers that you can make in MINUTES!

Instead my hubby and I were married on February 7th.   So yup, my anniversary of 34 years is coming up real quick.

Having my anniversary a week before Valentine’s Day has turned out pretty well though.   It means that I get taken out to dinner twice in a very short time.  No complaints there!  I’m a “sucker” for dinner at a restaurant.


Couldn’t resist.

Valentine Suckers for your sweethearts!

And I’m also a “sucker” for Valentine’s!  I love to celebrate it and have another excuse to show my love for my family and friends.

One thing that I have done for YEARS is to give these Valentine Candy Dishes and once people find out what they are made of, they LOVE them!

Valentine Suckers. Spread the love!

But this year, when I saw these cute suckers that I pinned from Sweet 2 Eat Baking, I thought that I would make them in a Valentine version.  Aren’t these cute?

They were super easy to make and set up faster that I had expected.  Which means that they will be ready eat in no time!

So if you are wanting to “share some love” to your family friends this Valentine’s Day, then make these Valentine Suckers!

Your family will love you for it because This Pin Rocks!

Valentine Suckers
Recipe type: Candy
  • 2 cups sugar
  • ⅔ cup light corn syrup
  • ¼ cup water
  • 2 tsp extract in any flavor of your choosing. My favorite is almond which is what I used
  • Food coloring, if desired
  • Assorted sprinkles
  • Candy thermometer
  1. Prepare at least two baking sheets by lining them with Silpat nonstick baking mats or parchment paper. Line up your lollipop sticks on your baking sheets about 4 inches apart.
  2. In a large glass bowl, fill with ice and water and then set aside.
  3. In a medium saucepan, bring the sugar, corn syrup, and ¼ cup water to a boil. Stir constantly until sugar is dissolved and your candy thermometer reaches 310 which is the hard crack stage. This usually takes about 5-7 minutes. Occasionally wash down sides of pan with a pastry brush dipped in cold water to prevent crystals from forming.
  4. Add your extract to your mix then immediately set pan into ice-water bath to stop the cooking (syrup will steam vigorously) Let sit about 25 seconds. (If you want a colored candy, add your food dye with the extract)
  5. WORKING QUICKLY, pour syrup onto your lollipop sticks, forming circles that are about 3 to 31/2 inches in diameter.
  6. Add sprinkles, candies, seeds, etc. and lightly press into the lollipop.
  7. NOTE: I would pour a lollipop and then sprinkle my sprinkles and then do another lollipop and sprinkles, as the candy hardens quickly!
  8. Let sit until completely hardened and cooled.



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  1. Perfect for the upcoming holiday. And so cute too!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I’ve always been a sucker for suckers:) Love this idea! Thanks!

  3. These look great, Deb. Sorry I’ve only just got the time to come check them out, I’ve been on a blog hiatus for quite some time so am going through comments/pingbacks, etc.

    They came out better than mine came out. :)

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for stopping by. These were so fun to make. Thanks for the inspiration! Deb


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