Westbrook and Tomlinson have entered the terrible 30s

The NFL is a tough place to make a living, and age and injuries to two 30 year olds, have helped to change the face and direction of their teams. Remember when Brian Westbrook and LaDanian Tomlinson terrorized opposing defenses on a weekly basis? Most of the talk coming into this weeks confrontation between the Eagles and Chargers would have concentrated on the running backs a few years back, but the problem of “age” has switched attention to their QB’s.

The 30 year mark seems to have suddenly reduced arguably the greatest running back of this decade, LT, into a shadow of himself. The Chargers, with their prolific passing attack, led by Philip Rivers, quickly zooms down the field for quick scores, which tires out their defense, which spends too much time on the field and does not get enough time to catch their breath. With LT the offense had balance and could eat up the clock, and next years draft will have to attempt to solve that problem.

Westbrook just has become too injury prone as a 30 year old running back, and thus the Eagles, who, like the Chargers, were a run first team have to mostly depend on Donovan McNabb and his corps of receivers. Westbrook was a real stud, but now the Eagles must start LeSean McCoy and hope he is up to the task.