20+ Easy Ghost Crafts and Treats

These Easy Ghost Crafts and Treats are sure to please! The kids will love them and so will YOU!

  1.  Halloween Bark from Bakerella is adorable!

2.  Ping Pong Ball Ghost lights from Unoriginal Mom are a perfect way to add a little spook to your home.                          

3. These Strawberry Ghosts from Candiquik are nothing to be afraid of.

4.  Ghost Footprints from Crafty Morning are a good way to keep the little ones involved in the holiday.                                                            

5. These Boo-nana Pops by Skinny Taste are a good non-candy treat for Halloween.                                                                                 

6. Cheesecloth Ghosts from Made From Pinterest add a little color to the typical white ghost.

7. Nothing screams Halloween more than these Chocolate Cupcakes with Meringue Ghosts by the Comfort of Cooking.

8. These Glue Ghosts by the Best Nanny are so fun for kids

9. This Boo-licious Pizza by A Pretty Life in the Suburbs is great for Kids and Moms.                                                                                                 

10. DIY Hanging Cheesecloth Ghosts  from Crafts Unleashed are an inexpensive decoration and a craft for kids.                    

11. Ghost Cake Pops by Bubble and Sweet are a perfect Halloween party treat.                                                                     

12. Ghost Bombs in a Mummy box from Made From Pinterest are fun and safe for kids!

13. Graveyard Pudding Cups by Party Planning are perfect for parties are a fun treat for your kids.

14. These Gourd Ghosts by Made from Pinterest are perfect for fall and they last forever!

15. These Boo Milk Shooters by Babble are perfect for little ghosts

16.  S’more Ghosts by Blondie and Brownies are cute, simple, and yummy.

17. These Halloween Rock Magnets by This Heart of Mine are a nice fridge decoration your kids can make.

18. Ghosts in a Jar by Landee See Landee Do are much less spooky when they are behind glass.                                                       

19. This Self-Inflatable Ghost by Mama Smiles is a perfect way to spend the day before trick-or-treating.                                               

20. These Spirit Jugs by Eighteen 25 are a fun and crafty way of recycling.

21.  Yarn Ghost Garland by Eighteen 25 is a great project for decorating the house.

22. Rice Krispie Treat Ghost Pops by Hungry Happenings are almost too cute to eat.                                                             

23. These Google Eye Donut Ghosts by Your Homebased Mom are easy!







  1. Thank you so much for including my ghost pizza! I hope you had a great Halloween!

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