Biotin For Hair Growth

Ever noticed that few women want the hair they have? If it’s curly, they pay for a Brazilian Blowout to get it straight. If their hair is straight, they will get a perm so that it is curly or has more body. But what the heck are you supposed to do if you have been CURSED with thin hair? Yes, you can get extensions, and they are a viable option. But it costs a lot of money for extentions that really blend in well and look natural. Plus, you have the upkeep. Wigs? Not an option! I am one of those poor gals who has thin hair. Not only do I have thin hair, but it has been getting thinner each year.

I’ve seen many pins about Biotin, but my first thought was “if it sounds too good to be true, don’t try it!”. Well, I found a new stylist that is wonderful, and guess what she told me to start using? Biotin! She said to get it from my local grocery or drug store, take one 5,000 mcg pill a day. She said I should see results in 2 to 4 weeks. I really like my stylist, she is a personal friend and my daughters babysit her kids. But, I was still a skeptic. The thinner your hair gets, the more desperate you become. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it (Haha no pun intended).

Imagine my surprise when 2 1/2 weeks later I found new hair growing along my hairline! My first thought was, well it’s probably just some breakage. I held onto my skepticism. Prior to taking this, my hair loss had progressed to the point that you could actually see my scalp in the bang area of my head. Another week went by and what I thought was breakage was new hair growth that was getting longer! IT WORKS! Did you hear that……BIOTIN WORKS FOR NEW HAIR GROWTH! I am thrilled! Even my husband starting noticing that my hair was thicker. After 6 weeks you can no longer see my scalp in the bang area of my head. I have also been CURSED with paper thin nails. The result with my nails is not as dramatic as with my hair, but there has been improvement.

So, as always, before trying something new check with your doctor, especially if you are already taking any medication(s). My advise; if he/she tells you it’s OK to take it, but warns you it won’t work, RUN, don’t walk to the store and start taking some ASAP! Since it can’t hurt, it is worth a try. Leave a comment and let me know if it works for you as well as it has for me!!! Good luck :-)




  1. Elizabeth says:

    I looked up Biotin and it’s vitamin B7. Also, there are no studies that indicate large doses do any harm.

  2. I use biotin every day. Not sure if it’s working, but do I dare take the chance? LOL. I’ve taken it for several years.

  3. Rebecca Turner says:

    yep there are a lot of things your doctors don’t want you to know about that are not only cheaper than drugs but also don’t have any side affects and won’t hurt you. do you have Asthma (and actually a lot of other problems), take turmeric! not from a grocery store though for any of these go to a heath food store and get it there, it will be a better quality and stronger than store bought, but the store bought will work, just not as well. High blood sugar? take cinnamon! it works! I use cinnamon and we also use to for our horses that have metabolic syndrome ( like diabetes in horses, but we get them cinnamon from costco and it works! they cant handle the high sugar in the grass ( which has been changed by man to be higher in sugars) and will get laminitus ( founder) there are a heck of a lot of cures around that are natural and you don’t need to use drugs that cost a lot and usually have side effects worse than than what your taking the drug for! anyone can do the research and find out for yourself. I give one of my old dogs who has a lot of pain from arthritis and muscles spasms something called dog gone pain. the stuff works wonders! and the main ingredient is turmeric! this dog hurt so bad I felt horrible for him. the vet had given him some pain drugs that cost a fortune and I couldn’t keep him on them without having blood tests to be sure they didn’t harm his liver!, then I remembered I reading about dog gone pain. so I got some and in 3 days the difference was like a miracle! this 12 year old dog now acts like he is 3 again! no kidding!
    I just wish more people would do some research and not believe everything your doctor says, because they want to give you drugs! did you know there is a cure for cancer? and the doctor who has this cure has been sued and shut down by the government many times but he always wins the court cases!, now the fda is after him! Im sure he will win that too . why are they after him? because hey if we could cure cancer then the pharmaceutical companies won’t be making billions on the drugs then would they?

    • You are so right my friend in every word you said. I take chemo and dose up on Frolic Acid from doctor and Vitamin D. On my own but under advise of my doctor I take Fish Oil and Biotin. All daily. My hair has thinned but still looks good. Grows fast as my nails do. Turmeric has also been used for centuries for arthritis sufferers. This I have been on for about 4 weeks now and feel my joints easier to move. I am 61 but have had RA since I was 19. My senior years have been one big flare up. Glad to be retired now. I sit on my porch with God every day now .

      • Diana,

        Thank you for your comment! You mentioned taking chemo, Deb is a 17 year survivor of breast cancer! Although you have had many challenges with illnesses you sound very positive. We are sending good thoughts your way that you will no longer need chemo and be in good health very soon! We are so glad you follow us and we appreciate your comment! Tracy (the middle sister)

  4. Rebecca,

    I have learned over the years that being well informed and educated helps us make the best possible decisions. We have learned and like to use several home remedies that work just fine. So glad to hear that your dog is doing well! A little research does go a long way.

    Tracy (The MIddle Child)

  5. Change in hormones, sickness, Burns, Untreated roundworm of the scalp, Deficiency in metal or super-molecule intake, surplus A intake, and speedy weight decrease are often the cause for the hair loss downside, the hair loss downside in men is bigger than a lady the explanation is distinction in their system and metabolism of the body.

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