DIY Eye Makeup Remover

We have a condition at our house called “Raccoon Eyes”. Let me explain. If for one reason or another you have gone to bed without removing your makeup, you wake up in the morning with “Raccoon Eyes”. As you sleep through the night your makeup rubs off, some will end up on your pillow and the rest lands underneath your eyes. The result……Raccoon Eyes! I have a certain daughter who suffers from this condition on a regular basis. Her excuse, I’m out of makeup remover.  Thanks to Pinterest that is about to change!

Until now I’ve never really been one to do much of the DIY makeup items on Pinterest. I’m always skeptical whether or not any of them will  really work . If it works, is it worth the extra effort? Will I make and use it more than once?

With two teenage daughters, we go through quite a bit of makeup remover. I usually purchase mine at Walmart or Target for five or six dollars for 5.5 ounces. This is such a simple and inexpensive recipe that I had to try it out. I mixed it up yesterday morning, I kept wondering throughout the day if it was going to be worth it.

When it was time for bed I went to take off my makeup and almost forgot to try it out, old habits die hard! I remembered at the last minute and gave it a try. WOW, was I impressed! Not only did it work just as well as my old remover it worked better! What a pleasant surprise, and you can’t beat the cost.

So the answer to my questions…does it really work? YES! Is it worth the effort? YES! Will I make and use it more than once? Heck yeah!


1 cup Distilled water  –  1 1/2 tablespoons Baby Shampoo  – 1/4 tsp. Baby oil

Place all 3 ingredients in container and mix well.

Let me just tell ya,     This Pin ROCKS!



  1. Slightly confused says:

    Clarification sought due to difference between printed recipe and photo. Distilled water or just bottled? Baby shampoo or baby wash? Do these make any difference?

    • I used the bottled water and it worked fine. If your eyes are super sensitive I would use the distilled. I think the Baby Wash works best for waterproof mascara, if you want something slightly milder use the Baby Shampoo. Good luck!

  2. I’ll be trying this too! Will this work on waterproof mascara? Can I just use regular bottled drinking water or does it have to be distilled water? Thanks for another great ‘Pin Test’.

    • Lillian,

      The regular water worked fine for me. If you have sensitive skin the distilled might be best. It worked great on waterproof mascara. Let us know how it works for you!


  3. I just wanted to let you know that I tried this and it worked perfectly! I don’t wear make up very often at all (like a couple of times a year!) and I don’t like to purchase make up removers and have them sitting there for months. I made a very small amount and it is the best make up remover I’ve ever used.

  4. Thanks a lot . It sure will help

  5. Hi,
    Just thought i’d share that there is an even simpler way to take off your eye makeup….. coconut oil! No mixing required… just rub a little around your eye and wipe off…. thats it! No need to rinse either cause the coconut oil is good for your skin. I usually rub the oil all over my face to moisturise.

    • Lelele,

      A makeup remover and moisturizer all in one? This sounds to good to be true, I can’t wait to give it a try! Thanks for the great tip, Tracy

  6. Joanita Dsouza says:

    superb again………………….one question though……………does this need refridgeration? What is its shelf life otherwise?

    • Hi Jonita,

      Thanks! No, it does not need refrigeration, shelf life should be 6-8 weeks. you are going LOVE this stuff!


      • ky_hiker says:

        I heartily endorse coconut oil as makeup remover!! Almost everything I wear is water-proof or -resistant, but it slides right off. I have oily skin, though, so I usually follow with face wash. It’s also never caused pimples or oil cysts around my eyes as most other oily removers do!

  7. If ever using ANY kind of water for any recipe to make anything that isn’t going to be used up in one day, you Should use DISTILLED WATER IN THE BOTTLES. Because it’s going to keep verses reg tap water which gets old and mildew in it. You know where you can smell it?! Then the bacteria will get into your eyes. Causing infections. Other than that ALL RECIPES ABOVE WORK FABULAS!

    • Kandie,

      Thanks for the great tip about using distilled water instead tap water to avoid bacterial and mildew. So happy you are one of our followers! Tracy

  8. great idea!

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